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Maskinen is an independent branding agency working out of Oslo and Stad, Norway.

Our name Maskinen (The Machine) is an analogy of how we see branding. The value of having all parts work nicely together as a whole, is what makes a brand. By means of a clear identity, engaging storytelling and delivering on its promise, your brand will find its way into the lives of people.

We promise to serve you well.

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How We Work

First of all, we work closely with you, where ever you are.

Secondly, instead of keeping in-house production, we collaborate with a network of selected experts – ready to join our team, defined by the task at hand.

We engage a wide range of great creative talent, business developers and innovators: from graphic and web design, programmers and developers, product and industrial designers, to film makers, photographers, public relations specialists, investors and many more.

And the other way around, we are ready to play our part in the setup of others.

Our approach is practical strategic, focused on getting the job done.

What we do

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Maskinen has a well proven process to facilitate strategies that communicate. Taking the time and effort to work creatively with ideas and insights, provides a strategic framework to operate within. When you know where to go, and why, you can focus on making it happen.


Turning dreams into reality, you depend upon expertise and capacity. With our skills, engagement and capabilities, Maskinen will assist you making the most of your resources and develop required solutions. We are here to deliver the results with you.


When it comes to production, Maskinen has long experience and updated knowledge, that enable us to offer high production value. In our cross-disciplinary network you will enjoy some of the most talented and seasoned companies available. Let us know what you need, we’d love to help out!

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Working to establish our tech company Zwipe as a global brand, Maskinen is a great player to have on the team. They are easygoing and an important contributor to the positive market response that we experience. It’s a pleasure to work with committed people who understand what we wish to achieve, and can help us get there.

Kim Humborstad - CEO/Zwipe
Kim Humborstad CEO, Zwipe

To us it has been incredibly useful to have our organiasational strategy written by Maskinen, because it has provided a tangible platform to work from. Altogheter this process has supported our intention to focus the organiasation and clearify the framework of our operations. It is very valuable.

Dagfrid Forberg, VP, ZERO
Dagfrid Forberg Vice President, ZERO (Zero Emission Resource Organisation)

A unifying strategy for our committment to make Stranda an international ski destination, became the beginning of a fantastic journey. Over the course of a few years Stranda was put on the map as “a small, world class destination”. Maskinen provided direction, and matched our ambition to lift our vision higher and further.

Tom Anker Skrede
Tom Anker Skrede Marketing Manager / Stranda Skiresort

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Selected Work

Please enjoy some of the films we've had the pleasure to make together with Babusjka (Nel), CPH Film Company (Wilhelmsen) and Ellioth & Winther Film (Fimbulvetr).