Maskinen portrett

Maskinen is an independent branding agency working out of Oslo and Stad, Norway.

Our name Maskinen (The Machine) is an analogy of how we see branding. The value of having all parts work nicely together as a whole, is what makes a brand. By means of a clear identity, engaging storytelling and delivering on its promise, the brand will find its way into the lives of people.

Instead of keeping in-house production, we collaborate with a network of selected experts – ready to join our team, defined by the task at hand.

We work with a wide range of great creative talent, business developers and innovators: from graphic and web design, programmers and developers, product and industrial designers, to film makers, photographers, public relations specialists, investors and many more.

Are you about to change the world as we know it? Or just wish to discuss the opportunities of working with us and our network? Get in touch, and we'll have a talk about what your tomorrow can look like!

Ketil Løkke
Tlf 975 75 708

Per Øivind Bang
CEO & Advisor
Tlf 934 62 626

Jon Frogner
Copy Writer & Advisor
Tlf 924 49 111